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Red Meters engineers and manufactures density measurement systems that deliver Real-time ExacDensity measurement, providing accurate, repeatable data for slurries, liquids and powders. Built into a process pipeline, the scalable, abrasion-resistant system can accommodate nearly any material and pipe diameter with low maintenance, no obstructions, and no process interruptionsAs material passes through the system, a Class 2 industrial laser measures microscopic flexes in the RM Series cartridge, performing 20 readings per second with repeatable +/-0.25% accuracy of reading. We are the only company producing industrial meters with this level of accuracy.

Red Meters’ customer-tailored algorithms first account for temperature, pressure, and vibration, then display density, percent solids, pressure, totalized mass, and more on an integrated touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI)Live and archived data can be accessed anytime via ethernet, Modbus, or Wi-Fi. Designed for process control and automation, data parameters can be used to set alerts for unusual changes in temperature, pressure, etc. The RM Series is the only density meter certified by NIST, OIML, and ASTM.

Company Vision

Red Meters employs the latest computing technologies and engineering know-how as an augmentation to logical thought. Our company vision is to find the simplest, most precise solutions to obstacles in the industrial world. By embracing the theory that logic and common sense prevail, we engineer technology that continuously produces near-perfect results that are accessible, achievable and understandable by an average site operator or an industry leading technologist. With our approach, engineers can truly effect change in the global marketplace and their organization’s bottom line with advances in material measurement and process control automation. 


Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Red Meters engineers and manufactures custom industrial density measurement systems for a range of industries. We specialize in real-time exact density measurement, using non-intrusive and non-nuclear technology. Our RM Series products are shipped and installed worldwide.

Red Meters’ vision for a non-nuclear density measurement solution was first explored by Dr. Robert Batey. Boasting an extensive list of professional accomplishments, including consultation for NASA and years of noteworthy instrumentation invention, Dr. Batey spent years applying his knowledge and skill toward contemplating alternate solutions to hazardous and inaccurate density measurement instruments. Toward the end of his career, the solution struck him in the most unlikely of places – an airport parking garage. Leaning on a steel dividing cable, he noticed the flexion applied by his weight was immediately released once removed.

Red Meters Founder and CEO David Moth appreciated Dr. Batey’s concept, and drew upon the fundamental principle of using weight to calculate density. For the core element of the new product, Red Meters developed a flexible custom cartridge with ultra sensitivity to changes in weight, benefiting from a high rate of repeatability due to its patented design that allows it to quickly and precisely return to its original state.

Specializing in ancillary measurement services including data monitoring and analytics, Red Meters produces a smarter, more versatile density meter. The RM Series goes beyond simple density measurement, utilizing a complex algorithm which compensates for temperature, noise, and other interference – creating the ultimate solution in density measurement technology for almost any application.

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