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Georgia-Pacific invests $400M in Florida mill

July, 2017

G. Wilkins

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American pulp and paper company Georgia-Pacific recently selected its mill in Palatka, Fla. for a $400 million investment focusing on its consumer tissue and towel business.

The investment comprises upgrades to existing equipment and addition of new infrastructure and equipment, including a new through-air-dried paper machine which, during manufacturing, dries tissue in a way that leaves it bulkier and softer.

Around 80 new jobs will be created to operate the new facilities, and up to 700 construction and contract related workers could be on site at any time during the project.

The project is to begin immediately with expected completion in 2019.

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  2. https://www.pulpandpapercanada.com/news/florida-mill-selected-for-georgia-pacific-us$400m-investment-1100000701


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