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Peninsula sees restoration and upgrade after 1995 hurricane


July, 2017
L. Irwin
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When Hurricane Opal tore through north Florida’s Norriego Point in 1995, the peninsula’s profile dramatically changed.  

Florida Department of Environmental Protections reports that plans are finally underway to restore the area to its former glory.  Phase one of the project is set to begin in September 2017, which includes moving approximately 115,000 cubic yards of dredged beach sand from the East Pass and Destin Harbor channels to the Point–nearly doubling the current recreation area and creating new swimming beaches for visitors. Care is being taken to limit dredging of the channel or the Point itself. Additional features of the first phase include rock breakwaters and other shoreline stabilization structures.

Additional phases of the project include dune and habitat restoration, as well as recreational amenities like access roads, bathrooms, boardwalks, pavilions, parking and other features.  Substantial completion of the project is set for May 2018.

  1. Header Source: Steve Evans from Wikipedia Commons
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