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Welcome to the home of Red Meters. Our Real-Time Exact Density measurement systems deliver accurate, repeatable and comprehensive data for slurries, liquids and powders. Built into a process pipeline, our scalable, abrasion-resistant system can accommodate nearly any material and pipe diameter with low maintenance, no obstructions and no process interruptions. With up to 12 continuous data readouts, including density, pressure, temperature, percent solids, SG wet and dry, our systems will illuminate the dark spots in your operation, placing powerful process control tools at your fingertips. Read More…


Due to the simplicity and safety of Red Meters technology, we are able to design systems to fit nearly any space and operation across industries. The robust housing and automated environmental compensations protect against interference from adjacent machinery, vibration, and foot traffic. There are no government regulations or licensing requirements regarding time, distance or shielding when working with our system. The system’s ability to handle bidirectional flow is a powerful tool for inventory control and mass flow measurement. Let’s get technical…

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