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Progressive Narratives at The Water Expo 2016
Ben Ornstein and Miguel Gutierrez

We had the pleasure of attending The Water Expo 2016 in Miami at the beginning of September. The fantastic lineup of speakers on innovative and responsible treatment piqued our interest and obviously, we jump at the chance to visit South Beach as often as possible.

The show’s 5th edition took place over two days, August 31st and September 1st, at the MACC Convention Center with ~120 exhibitors and over 35 sessions and events in both Spanish and English.

One of the highlights of the event was listening to Miguel Gutierrez of Bluewater Technologies session on Continuous Rotating Belt Filtration (CRBF) for Wastewater Municipal/ Industrial Pre-Treatment Applications. CRBF is an accepted solution that challenges the wastewater treatment of municipal/industrial applications. An effective equivalent to screening and primary clarification, CRBF technology results in a minimal footprint implementation at a fraction of the cost of traditional techniques. In new facilities, the RBF can be designed in place of traditional primary treatment and grit removal. In existing plants, it can expand primaries, relieve solids/BOD loading to secondaries, and relieve chemical consumption of physico-chemical processes. Engineers around the world have modeled this treatment process. Case history, design considerations, and lessons learned will highlight some of its benefits and O&M savings.

Essentially, CRBF allows the operating footprint of Wastewater Treatment Plants to be massively decreased, especially in relation to the design for new WWTPs.

VAC CON Sewage Trucks

Also featured at The Water Expo was a collection of innovative WWT products and solutions. Of significant interest to us was solutions and discussions surrounding accurate measurements for sewage trucks via level sensors, density meters and flow meters. We have predicted trends within the market to lean toward process control and automation and it seems these solutions are reflecting that.

A key feature of the event was announcements made by Miami-Dade County on their plans for $6.4 billion worth of infrastructure upgrades in order to increase service capacity and improve the ageing infrastructure and reliability of water and wastewater systems. Plans include $215 million in new investments to the WASD wastewater system, implementing a comprehensive long-term Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance program, eliminating ocean discharge and building a 102 million gallon per day wastewater treatment plant.

The Water Expo 2016 proved to be a fantastic event and one we would recommend in future – especially if you work with or plan to work with South American regions. Registration to exhibit and sponsor for the 6th edition in 2017 has already opened – you can find more information via their website.

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