Colorado Energy Companies Focus on Oil and Gas Process Optimization


July, 2016

Oil & Gas

Colorado’s oil and gas industry is currently fighting back from historic lows. Its resilience in the past suggests that it will find success. Oil and gas process optimization play a key role in their success.

During 2016, oil prices hit 12-year lows.

While fantastic news for consumers, it has been rough for the oil and gas industry. Colorado is no exception as drilling shale there is expensive. Rather than move to the Permian Basin where drilling is cheaper, however, several energy companies are taking a different tactic.

CNBC reported that energy companies ,such as Noble Energy, Anadarko Petroleum, and Colorado natives PDC Energy and SRC Energy have buckled down in Colorado’s shale fields. The energy companies favored their best properties and focused on drilling methods, process optimization and the knowledge they’ve gained from years of operating in the Centennial state to drive their costs down.

Denver-based PDC Energy, for example, invested effort in its Wattenburg property and as a result of refining its processes the company will see a growth in oil production by 20% a year. A major accomplishment with oil prices this low. It did recently enter the Permian Basin, but actually plans to sell its assets in the Utica Shale of the northeast to focus on Wattenburg and Texas.

So far, oil and gas process optimization has shown some success.


pdc energy oil production growth yearly

Oil and Gas Process Optimization


Colorado Oil & Gas companies focused on process optimization

Overall production in Colorado is making its way back up. As a result, Colorado’s economy is seeing the benefits. In general, Colorado’s economy is diverse and hard times in the oil and gas industry won’t cripple it. Since the 1980s, the state has worked to make this so. JJ Ament, CEO of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp, told CNBC, “While oil and gas is a very important component of our economy, we don’t rise and fall based on the price of oil or the price of gas.”

Even so, the industry is still a large part of Colorado’s economy. Ament himself said that the oil and gas industry creates about $10 billion in economic activity, and is also a “critical job creator,” especially in rural areas. Its importance to Colorado should not be understated.

Colorado’s oil and gas industry is home to 10 of America’s largest natural gas fields and 3 of its largest oil fields.

The state has an established history of regulating voluntarily to promote safety, responsible practices, and community welfare. These regulations also simultaneously promote growth of the industry. Colorado’s oil and gas industry currently supplies more than 5% of the nation’s natural gas, and is home to 10 of America’s largest natural gas fields and 3 of its largest oil fields. It produces 1.1 million barrels of oil per day with projections leading to 1.5 million by 2030. The industry supports over 213,000 jobs, and pours more than $25 billion into Colorado’s economy. Though it’s true that without the oil and gas industry Colorado would still stand, it would have one heck of a limp.

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