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Modern Design & Usability Standards

+ User Role Management
+ Remote Support and Updates Available
+ Remote Control Interface Over Network
+ Activity Logs
+ Export data to CSV format

Configurable Data Visualizations

+ Common Process Constants Entry
+ Solids Accumulator with Historical Totals
+ Configurable Cross-Needle
+ Easy 4-20mA Output Configuration

Personalized User Experience

+ One-Click Language Select
+ Secure PIN access
+ Day/Night Color Modes
+ Configurable Home Screen



Cinder, our latest software update, is part of the technology ecosystem of Red Meters industrial measurement systems. The ecosystem is made up of physical and electronic components as well the front and back end software and data science. Cinder is the middle layer of the ecosystem, and the foundation for future Red Meters products.

Red Meters systems take continuous readings that are recorded and used to perform a range of calculations. Those calculations for density, mass flow, percent solids, etc are then displayed on screen, or output to third-party systems.

The Red Meter goes beyond simply being a sensor. Rather than measuring one variable, it is simultaneous measures multiple variables, and records data to provide real time analytics. The capabilities for what the Red Meter can do for each individual process and application can be as flexible or robust as you want it to be.

Cinder was created as an intuitive, easy to use interface for engineers to view and manage data from their Red Meter systems which measure density and mass flow of slurries in real time. 


Our development team noticed a gap in the market specifically around software interfaces, which have a direct impact on the experience of the engineers using them. The team conducted extensive research on platforms currently available to process engineers, ultimately finding them to be antiquated, underpowered and difficult to use.

By contrast, Cinder was built using Material Design and web technologies, aka, software you use every day. Steered by dozens of hours of “white board sessions” followed by multiple rounds of user observation trials, the team created an intuitive, beautiful, and easy to use interface which requires little, if any, training to use.

The core priority of Cinder is customization. It was designed for engineers to tweak the interface for their needs. Included is a View Builder which presents the process data engineers want in the format they find most effective.

Cinder brings industrial instrumentation up to modern standards by introducing the types of customization and user control that today’s tech users have come to expect. Using flexible, high-performance, web-based technologies, Cinder makes using a Red Meter product feel similar to using a smartphone.

Cinder is more than a touch-screen interface – it’s a bridge to the hyper-connected and data-driven world of industrial automation in which we’ll all soon be working. Rather than react to the future, we decided to help build it.


Opposite you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Cinder.

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How is the Red Meter remotely accessed by your support team? Is it secure?

The Red Meter is only able to be remotely accessed if this feature is enabled within Cinder by the user. Remote Access can be disabled at any time. We use an SSH connection to view sensor values and historical data.

I already have an older version of Cinder. How can I get the latest version?

Cinder features a Software Upgrade button, which downloads and automatically installs the most recent software from the Red Meters server.

Does the Red Meter have to be connected to the Internet in order to function?

No, the only features that require Internet connection are Remote Access support and Software Update downloads. All other features work offline.

Can I adjust the scale of my sensor data?

Yes, you can make adjustments to both the sensor scale and the timeline scale. Cinder provides a simple mechanism to customize the sensor outputs.

Is the interface available in my language?

Yes, Cinder features one-click language selection. If your language is not currently included, Support can quickly add it upon request.

Can I view how much solid material by weight or by volume I have accumulated between two specific times and dates?

Yes, Cinder provides a method to lookup the Accumulator session history between any two times in the past.

How will I know when my liner’s wear sensor is triggered?

There will be a persistent warning in the Cinder interface when the wear sensor has been broken. It will not disappear until a new cartridge is installed. The warning signal is also available as a 4-20 output.

Which output types are available?

Cinder outputs 2 channels of 4-20 mA, and Modbus TCP/IP. Raw value CSV export to USB is also included.

Beyond the signal output protocols, can our system interface with your software?

Cinder contains a well-documented Application Programming Interface layer which we can provide to your integration development team.

Can I use Cinder with other instruments instead of the Red Meter?

You can currently use Cinder to display Pressure and Flow, as those values already come from discrete sensors. They must have 4-20mA output in order to calibrate them to Cinder. The Red Meter, however, makes a unique calculation for Density, so other density measurement devices will not translate.


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