IIoT Industrial Software for Measurement

IIoT Software that Empowers Process Control for Engineers

Modern Design & Usability Standards

+ User Role Management
+ Remote Support and Updates Available
+ Remote Control Interface Over Network
+ Activity Logs
+ Export data to CSV format

Configurable Data Visualizations

+ Common Process Constants Entry
+ Solids Accumulator with Historical Totals
+ Configurable Cross-Needle
+ Easy 4-20mA Output Configuration

Personalized User Experience

+ One-Click Language Select
+ Secure PIN access
+ Day/Night Color Modes
+ Configurable Home Screen



Cinder, our latest software update, is part of the technology ecosystem of Red Meters industrial measurement systems. The ecosystem is made up of physical and electronic components as well the front and back end software and data science. Cinder is the middle layer of the ecosystem, and the foundation for future Red Meters products.

Red Meters systems take continuous readings that are recorded and used to perform a range of calculations. Those calculations for density, mass flow, percent solids, etc are then displayed on screen, or output to third-party systems.

The Red Meter goes beyond simply being a sensor. Rather than measuring one variable, it is simultaneous measures multiple variables, and records data to provide real time analytics. The capabilities for what the Red Meter can do for each individual process and application can be as flexible or robust as you want it to be.

Cinder was created as an intuitive, easy to use interface for engineers to view and manage data from their Red Meter systems which measure density and mass flow of slurries in real time.