Coal Flue Gas Desulfurization

Desulfurization is an important part of coal processing which keeps excessive amounts of sulfur dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere, which could lead to acid rain.
A Red Meter Toro can make this process more efficient and accurate.

Next Gen measurment



Wet density of limestone slurry is measured by the Red Meter Toro in real-time as the slurry passes through the inlet into the sulfur dioxide absorber. The density of the inlet slurry must be within an allowable range to properly control the process, and a second Red Meter Toro can be placed on the outlet to ensure the absorption levels of the sulfur dioxide in the tower were adequate.


High limestone density is extremely detrimental to the performance of the flue gas desulfurization process, and can potentially lead to system shutdown if sulfur is not sufficiently attenuated in the absorption tower.

Intramedia density measurement instruments such as nuclear and ultrasonic devices must be regularly calibrated, and have wide margins of error. Nuclear devices incorporate additional costs such as import and transportation fees, as well as personnel costs associated with safety, certification, and maintenance.