Cutter Suction &
Hopper Dredgers

Dredging operations, whether on land or sea, rely largely on guesswork during the monitoring process. Accurately measuring the density of dredging data in real-time is now possible with the Red Meters custom, durable design.

Next Gen measurment


non-nuclear density meter for dredging

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Accurately measuring the density of dredging data in real-time is now possible with the Red Meters durable design.


In both cutter suction and trailing suction dredging, materials such as fine and dense sand, gravel, clay, and water are pulled up by the dredge.

These processes take place for the sake of maintenance, land reclamation, harbor construction, and to prevent the spread of contaminants through bodies of water.

The Red Meter will make sure no fine silt is missed in measurement and dredged for free, providing measurements by volume or mass. It can also make engineers aware of when a pipe becomes clogged or blocked.


Other density meters are unable to measure fine silt, leading to uneven results and under billing. With the use of a Red Meter, hydrographic surveying is not needed to determine the amount of material moved for the sake of billing. This practice often leads to inaccuracies in billing due to natural changes in the marine floor between survey intervals.

What’s more, our Cross Needle feature allows for highly customized and visual process control parameters empowering dredge operators and engineers.


+  Can measure both volume and mass of all material passing through
+  All dredged material accounted for
+  Provides data to support an audit record
+ Cross Needle feature
+  Easy to use and install

Plug & Play

Each Red Meter Toro is calibrated on the factory floor before shipment. It is not necessary to recalibrate due to changes in your media characteristics.

Data Quality & Accuracy

Rather than inferring density, the Red Meter Toro takes data from multiple integrated sensors which are used to calculate density in real time.

Process Control

When using multiple Red Meter systems, process data is collected from multiple points within the process which enables statistical process control.

Easy To Use & Install

Designed to be simple and easy to use, the Red Meter Toro is a plug and play system which just works – empowering you to focus on what you do best. 


The Red meter delivers process intelligence that improves efficiency and increases bottom lines. Submit your details to request a live technical demonstration.