Maximizing Dredging Efficiency


Designed with foolproof installation for efficiency, your Red Meter simply sits inline with your existing pipe.


Real time data display helps you find the measurement “sweet spot”, ensuring your operation is as efficient as possible.


Avoid any proof of work or billing queries with our highly precise data reporting, stored via logged and live data.

Take the guesswork out of your process.

Dredging operations, whether on land or sea, rely largely on guesswork during the monitoring process. Density measurement methods in the dredging industry either lack accuracy or achieve accuracy via costly measurement instrumentation that require frequent replacement due to high abrasion. The dredging industry deals with extremely abrasive media which can cause other types of instrumentation to become obstructed and lose accuracy.

Accurately measuring the density of dredging data in real-time is now possible with the Red Meters’ custom, durable design – fit to maximize dredging efficiency for your process controllers. The Red Meters’ sustainable build is key in eliminating the problems of abrasive slurries and vibration profiles on readings. Our vibration compensation algorithm empowers our system to remove the effects of vibration from its own density readings and will compensate the desired outcomes of all instrumentation connected to the electronics.


Specifications may vary based on application and installation parameters. Speak to one of our experts today to learn how a Red Meter will benefit your specific application.

+ Accuracy | ± 1% of reading; field spec
+ Selectable Display Options
+ PIN-Secured configuration & calibration menu
+ Remote Interface (HMI)
+ Remote Support & Upgrades
+ 4-20 mA Output

+ Density / Specific Gravity
+ Pressure
+ Flow Rate
+ Totalized Solids

Live data can be viewed via a Remote Interface on a computer connected to the same local network as the meter.

Logged data can be exported via a USB stick from the meter directly. Exported data is in CSV format.

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