Next Gen Measurement

Red Meters is an innovative industrial technology company looking to scale up in order to capitalize on the > $14Bn market and meet demands of their global blue chip clients in oil & gas, mining, dredging, tunneling and wastewater industries.

Next Gen measurment


Innovative manufacturing & technology company with global blue-chip clients in oil & gas, mining, etc; Internationally patented, IP pursued by Foley & Lardner; 30+ distributors globally, 15 Units shipped Q4 2020 R&D pipeline and roadmap set through 2022

+ Red Meters’ flagship product offers a breakthrough technology and novel approach to safely measure the characteristics of any media on a continuous basis in various environments.

+ The company’s team of innovators developed, patented and produced a technically advanced and easy to use industrial measurement system.

+ Red Meters’ products have the potential to not only displace existing density meters in established markets, but to also create new, unexplored markets and applications that are impossible for existing technologies.

+ Red Meters’ product designs have been optimized for manufacturing scale up.

+ The Red Meters Partner Program has welcomed 30+ distributors in 17 countries in its first quarter with aggressive targets for 2020.


Target US $300,000
Minimum $5,000
Investment Raised $US 20,000
Previous Rounds N/A
Stage Achieving Sales
Investor Role Silent

Product Portfolio

The flagship Red Meter product is a trail-blazing industrial measurement system that empowers process engineers with precise, real-time process data. Additional products are in R&D with even greater market potential.

Blue Ocean Markets

Red Meters has the potential to not only displace existing density meters in established markets, but to also create new, unexplored markets and applications that are unaddressed by existing technologies.

Global Distribution Partners

Made up of consultants, engineering firms and instrumentation experts around the globe, our partners share our passion for empowerment and innovation. They deliver sales, installation and technical support to our customer base within their respective regions.

Proven Team

A team of builders and visionaries, our team has proven experience launching and growing innovative companies. We also utilize specialized skillsets of third party specialists within industrials and engineering.

Design & Manufacture

The Business

Red Meters designs and manufactures industrial measurement systems. The flagship product offers a breakthrough technology to accurately measure any flowing media continuously. The initial technology competes against nuclear density meters which have increasing government regulations to remove and low accuracy.

Seed units are installed with major corporations (eg Baker Hughes). Once confirmed, Red Meters will be deployed across the entire operation following a strategic roll-out plan. Initial orders for rollout plans in addition to Pilot Programs introduced to new industries have begun to materialize. Orders of 50-100 are in various stages of closing with multiple blue-chip corporations.

Red Meters has been recognized as a major player within Orlando region, specifically in regards to creating more technology jobs. 


Red Meters makes a “niche” product, but it’s applicable to several multibillion-dollar industries worldwide, according to Ornstein. “The thing is, it’s a very, very big niche.”