Mining Process Measurement & Optimization


Designed with fool proof installation for efficiency, your Red Meter simply sits inline with your existing pipe.


Simply drop in a new cartridge when necessary. Additionally, the electronics software is updated remotely.


No need to rip out and rebuild. We can work around, or potentially with, your existing setup.

Simple, Yet Robust

Designed to empower process engineers, the Red Meter delivers key measurement data which can be used to optimize processes in real time. With little maintenance require and a simple in-line installation procedure, upgrading to the Red Meter is simple. 

Installation Examples

Below is an example of a typical installation of a Red Meter. To design your optimal process with the help of a Red Meter, speak to our team.


Specifications may vary based on application and installation parameters. Speak to one
of our experts today to learn how a Red Meter will benefit your specific application.

+ Accuracy | ± 1% of reading; field spec
+ Selectable Display Options
+ PIN-Secured configuration & calibration menu
+ Remote Interface (HMI)
+ Remote Support & Upgrades
+ 4-20 mA Output

+ Density / Specific Gravity
+ Pressure
+ Flow Rate
+ Totalized Solids

Live data can be viewed via a Remote Interface on a computer connected to the same local network as the meter.

Logged data can be exported via a USB stick from the meter directly. Exported data is in CSV format.

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