do you know EXACTLY what Is happening in your pipeline?


Do you know exactly what is happening in your pipeline?

A Red Meter will tell you.

Non Nuclear Density Meter For Slurry and Dry Bulk Processing

Thanks to a simple methodology and highly intelligent alogrithms, our non nuclear density meter reads your full volume of pipe continuously and removes any noise or interference giving you precise process measurement data. Whether we are working with process control engineers on the front lines or industry associations that define best practices and standards, our disruptive technology aims to create a new standard for industrial measurement. This new standard breaks free of legacy limitations, breathing new life into industries and applications that are essential to our global economies.


No sampling, statistics or theory – our precise readings happen in real time.


Real-time, direct measurement
+/- 0.25% of reading


Measurements taken at any pipe diameter, regardless of slurry noise or abrasion.


Safe and reliable without the need for licenses, permits or specialist personnel.

DRY & wet processes

Our simplicity allows us to be configured in both  wet and dry processes.


Interactive touch screen displays six measurement  readings simultaneously.

Process Characterization

The Red Meter is driven by a breakthrough technology and a novel approach to safely measuring the process characteristics of any media on a continuous basis in various environments. The Red Meter may be best described as a process characterization device that is deployed in conjunction with process control methodologies to enable continuous, real-time, in-line measurement of critical media characteristics. The unit produces a unique “Process Signature” or Red Meter Signature when deployed in any continuous liquid, slurry or dry bulk media pipeline or conduit. The advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities of the unit enable the instantaneous interpretation of the Red Meters Signature. This process information and interpretation can be presented instantaneously on a built in display, or delivered to a remote location using 4-20mA, HART, Modbus or any other standard industry communication protocol. With advanced machine learning techniques, accurate interpretation of the Process Signature may provide additional useful information, such as “sticky” valves, slow actuators, leakage, media flocculation, process anomalies, gas entrapment, process kicks etc. and may alert the operator to take corrective action to avoid process or production issues or interruptions should any anomalies be detected.

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do you know exactly what is happening within your pipeline?

A Red Meter will tell you. The Red Meter continuously measures the process characteristics of any wet or dry continuously flowing media, while producing a unique “Process Signature”. Critical information is provided, such as SPC measurements, Capability (CPk), faulty process devices, leakage, flocculation, clogs, and process kicks to name a few. This critical data provides a window to your process which illuminates previous data “dark spots.” 

Readings Per Second


Accurate within 0.25% +/- of reading


Red Meters is disrupting how materials are measured.

“This device is a typical game changer and more.
A revolution.

Aart Van Den Dool

Castart BV

What the Red Meter does is empower the dredging industry to safely and efficiently measure productivity on the job site. Knowing the slurry thickness is imperative and the data Red Meters provides is far more reliable than a simple visual check. This allows us to make necessary changes to make sure we are always operating as efficiently as possible. The Red Meter also creates a very defensible position with regards to performance and payment when speaking with clients. There is no question regarding the quantity of material removed anymore! Further, by implementing this technology, we position ourselves as sophisticated professionals adding to our ability to further differentiate ourselves from our  competition.

Mark Amler

Pristine Waters

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