A partner program
that empowers

The Red Meters Partner Program gives you an innovative set of tools, exclusive resources, and disruptive industrial measurement solutions to empower your customers, differentiate your business and increase profits. 

The benefits of partnering with Red Meters

Tools That Empower
Your Growth

+  Disruptive measurement technology your customers want and need.
+  Sales and marketing tools which increase profitability.
+  Turnkey sales and deployment cycle that puts hours back into your day.

Support For You And
Your Customers

+  We manage the entire sales, installation and support cycles.
+  Dedicated Customer Success team ensures happy customers.
+  Remote device support and upgrades avoids future headaches.

Seeing Is Believing

A team of builders, visionaries and experts have banded together to create a simple solution for measurement inefficiencies that have plagued processes for decades.

The Red Meter is a game changer, a revolution!”

What the Red Meter does is empower to safely and efficiently measure productivity.”

How It Works


Multiple measurements are taken as media passes through our flexible inline cartridge.


The density is calculated using data recorded by the sensors and computed using our proprietary machine learning algorithms.


The calculated readings are displayed and graphed on screen. This data can be output in real time as well as exported for archival and analysis.

Easy To Use & Install

An inline measurement instrument, the Red Meter takes continuous readings which are recorded and used to perform a range of calculations by its integrated computer which are then displayed on screen and can be output to third party systems.

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated Customer Success team whose sole function is to ensure the effective installation and operation of our products. Customer Success is available to assist with any customer queries including Order Status, Installation Preparation Questions, and Technical Support.

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