The Red Meter, more accurately described as a continuous process characterization device rather than solely a density meter, takes multiple direct measurements of wet and dry processes.


An inline measurement instrument, the Red Meters technology is based around it’s patented flexible cartridge. As material flows through the pipe, the cartridge bends slightly under the weight of the media. This bend or flexion is minimal, think 1/60th of a piece of paper, minimal.

A high precision laser is used to detect the displacement in the deflection of the cartridge. Acting as a scale, the measurement of deflection is equated to a measurement of mass. In a fixed volume, the change in mass is equated to the change in density. A variety of additional sensors measure pressure, temperature, wear and even velocity in the line to establish direct measurements of the essential statistical process control variables. When combining these measured variables, an operator can not only truly measure their process, but also accurately and efficiently make changes downstream and/or automate troubleshooting.

These measurements provide the first true process characterization device. Operators are able to use as much or as little of the processing data to achieve their desired level of process control.

Curious to learn how our Process Characterization device stacks up against other density meter technology? Read our Complete Guide to Density Meter Technology for Process Control and Slurry Measurement.


+ Measures entire volume of material
+ Does NOT obstruct or redirect flow
+ Does NOT induce a pressure change
+ No regulatory restrictions  and no safety concerns
+ Evaluates liquids, slurries and dry bulk
+ Material process characteristics
+ Operates at any flow rate in any direction
+ Accommodates chemically and physically aggressive media
+ Is not restricted by density magnitude changes
+ May be manufactured for NSF/FDA compliance
+ Low maintenance device – integrates into existing system
+ Compensation for changes in temperature, pressure and vibration

+ A Simple, Non-Nuclear Solution

Throughout our development cycles, we discovered the simplest solution was actually the most effective. Our non nuclear process characterization device can measure density of both slurry and dry bulk applications.  

+ Real Time Measurement

Precise data readings are available for operators to interrogate almost immediately. This speed and precision empowers operators to implement real-time changes to their process.

+ full volume reading

Sitting inline  within your process, a Red Meter measures the full volume reading at all times. No samples, no inferences, no guess work. 

+ low total cost of ownership

When compared to legacy instrumentation, Red Meters has a very low cost of ownership. We require minimal maintenance and down time and our process illumination can be a game changer to your bottom line productivity.


Specifications may vary based on application and installation parameters. Speak to one
of our experts today to learn how a Red Meter will benefit your specific application.

Overall Accuracy± 0.25% of reading
Digital Response Time50ms
Measurement Time20 per second
Internal Diameters2” – 60” (50 -1524 mm)
Repeatability± 0.1% of full scale
Linearity± 0.018% of full scale
Pressure Coefficient0.1% / psi of full scale
Slurry Temperature Coefficient±.3% / 10°C of full scale
Calibration StandardsNIST, OIML, ASTM
Flanged ConnectionsASTM, DIN, or BS
Environmental ProtectionIP65 (IP67 Available Upon Request)
HousingPowder-Coated Aluminum Shell
InsulationHi-Temp Fiberglass, ASTM Compliant
Pipe SupportsCarbon Steel, 5/8” (16mm) bolts
GasketsASTM Compliant
WiringIFC Standards
Storage Temperature-40° to 175°F (-40° to 80°C)
Internal Laser SourceClass 1 (FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10)
Ambient Sensor Reading50 readings per second

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