The Red Meter takes multiple direct measurements of wet and dry processes.
Built to be a window into your process, the way you utilize the Red Meter and its data can be designed around you and your unique needs.


An inline measurement instrument, the Red Meter takes continuous readings which are recorded and used to perform a range of calculations by its integrated computer which are then displayed on screen and can be output to third party systems.

The Red Meter goes beyond simply being a sensor. Rather than measuring one variable, it is simultaneously measuring multiple variables and recording data to provide real time analytics. Because it uses a general purpose computer and software, the capabilities for what the Red Meter can do for each individual process and application can be as flexible or robust as you want it to be.

Operators are able to use as much or as little of the processing data to achieve their desired level of process control.

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+ Measures entire volume of material
+ Does NOT obstruct or redirect flow
+ Does NOT induce a pressure change
+ No regulatory restrictions or safety concerns
+ Evaluates liquids, slurries and dry bulk
+ Material process characteristics

+ Operates at any flow rate in any direction
+ Accommodates chemically and physically aggressive media
+ Is not restricted by density magnitude changes
+ Remote support and updates
+ Low maintenance device – integrates into existing system
+ Compensates for changes in temperature, pressure and vibration

Seeing Is Believing

A team of builders, visionaries and experts have banded together to create a simple solution for measurement inefficiencies that have plagued processes for decades.


Specifications may vary based on application and installation parameters.
Speak to one of our experts today to learn how a Red Meter will benefit your specific application.

+ Accuracy | ± 1% of reading; field spec
+ Selectable Display Options
+ PIN-Secured configuration & calibration menu
+ Remote Interface (HMI)
+ Remote Support & Upgrades
+ 4-20 mA Output

+ Density / Specific Gravity
+ Pressure
+ Flow Rate
+ Totalized Solids

Live data can be viewed via a Remote Interface on a computer connected to the same local network as the meter.

Logged data can be exported via a USB stick from the meter directly. Exported data is in CSV format.


Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have directly.
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Can a Red Meter be installed vertically?

No, the Red Meter itself must be installed horizontally. As long as they are installed horizontally, any pipe to which the skid flanges attach can bend or flex without issue.

Can a Red Meter withstand abrasive slurries?

Yes, the Red Meter can accommodate both physically and chemically agressive media. Furthermore, replacement cartridges are simple to install further extending the life of your Red Meter(s). 

Does a Red Meter obstruct the flow of media?

No, a Red Meter does not impact or obstruct the flow of media. Our inline cartridge is bolted into a section of existing pipe. Media passes through just as it would any other section of pipe. Additionally, a Red Meter operates at any flow rate, in any direction.

Is connectivity required to operate a Red Meter?

No, internet connectivity is not required to operate a Red Meter, however it is highly recommended in order to utilize the device to its full potential. The Red Meter is a “smart” measurement instrument which has capabilities for remote support, maintenance and monitoring which are made possible using connectivity.

How can measurement data be viewed and analysed?

Live data can be viewed via a Remote Interface on a computer connected to the same local network as the meter.

Logged data can be exported via a USB stick from the meter directly, or can be exported to an IP address within the local network. Exported data is in CSV format.

Is support available once I receive a Red Meter?

Yes! We have a dedicated Customer Success team whose sole function is to ensure the effective installation and operation of our products. Your Customer Success contact is available to assist with any questions you may have including Order Status, Installation Preparation Questions, and Technical Support. 

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