Thermo Fisher Discontinues Nuclear Gauges




As of January 30th, 2020, Thermo Fisher Scientific has discontinued production of their nuclear density gauges used to measure the density of slurries. 

The details were announced via a product bulletin on their website. 

“At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we continually evaluate our global operations and product portfolios to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the needs of our global customers.

After a careful and thorough review of our Environmental and Process Monitoring business, we have decided to discontinue our Nuclear Level and Density product line, effective January 31, 2020.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific

The products impacted by this decision are listed below:


Product Description Product Model Replacement
Gamma density gauge DensityPRO (MS2011DU,
Gamma level gauge LevelPRO (MS2011LU1,
NAI density gauge DensityPRO NAI (NS2011I,
3680 Smart density
3680, CutPRO, ConsistencyPRO None
InterfacePRO for level,
density, and interface
InterfacePRO (MS2011IP) None
DensityPRO integrated
gamma system
DensityPRO-C None
SGD-O density gauge for
SGDO Density Gauge None
KRILPRO neutron
backscatter level/interface
KRILPRO (7200A) None
MOLA-Moisture Online
MOLA/MOLA-LS (7200A) None
PNF Point level gauge PNF Point Level Switch None


A Superior Non-Nuclear Alternative

The Red Meter goes beyond simply being a sensor. Rather than measuring one variable, it is simultaneously measuring multiple variables and recording data to provide real time analytics. Because it uses a general purpose computer and software, the capabilities for what the Red Meter can do for each individual process and application can be as flexible or robust as you want it to be.

The discontinuation of nuclear density gauges is unsurprising considering the current market trends, although the announcement was surprising to many. If you are affected by these changes, we recently published a Guide To Replacing Nuclear Density Gauges which may be of use to you. 

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