Red Meters Launches Toro 

MARCH, 2020

Red Meters makes precise processing data accessible to all with the launch of Toro – a more compact, affordable model of their signature product.

Empowering process engineers has been Red Meters’ mission and furthermore was the inspiration behind the creation of the Red Meter industrial measurement system. Building on the success of their flagship product, the company aimed to make the technology accessible to users who were unable to find space in their process or budgets to implement the solution.

The engineering team worked with key customers, suppliers and a unique set of specialists. This diverse group collaborated to minimize the design of the product so that it had not only a smaller price point, further a smaller footprint. The team was able to accomplish this while still delivering the precise measurements calculated from multiple data variables their technology is known for.

In March of 2020, Red Meters officially launched its Toro product. Toro competes directly with nuclear density gauges in terms of pricing and additionally far exceeds its accuracy, precision, and ease of use. While major manufacturers of nuclear density gauges are discontinuing their products, Red Meters is making precise processing data accessible to all with the launch of Toro – a more compact and affordable version of their signature product. Toro is simple, easy to use, and can exist in the same volatile environments as nuclear density meters, but does not require the same cost of upkeep.

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Seeing Is Believing

A team of builders, visionaries and experts have banded together to create a simple solution for measurement inefficiencies that have plagued processes for decades.

Let’s take a closer look- Red Meter Toro

slurry density meter
Size Comparison | Red Meter Flagship vs Toro 4″
mass flow meters
Size Comparison | Red Meter Flagship vs Toro 30″

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