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Dredging crew saves abandoned baby walrus

Dredging Crew Saves Abandoned Baby Walrus 28 July, 2016 DredgingWildlife A crew saved a baby walrus that ended up on their boat during a gold dredging project near Nome, Alaska. The AU Grabber dredging boat had a surprise guest while it was dredging for gold off the...

Dredging project to save Buffalo Reef

Dredging Project to Save Buffalo Reef 20 July, 2016 DredgingMarine Life Talks are in progress to establish an emergency dredging project that would save the Buffalo Reef in northern Michigan’s Grand Traverse Harbor. The Michigan Natural Resources Commission led a...

Luxembourg Continues to Invest in Space Mining

Luxembourg Continues to Invest in Space Mining 28 MARCH, 2016 MiningSpace The government of Luxembourg is investing heavily in space mining projects, and spurring international collaboration to make asteroid mining possible. While SpaceX hopes to colonize Mars and...

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